What is a Blood Blister?

A Blood Blister is a bubble formed under the skin tissues, filled with blood.

A blood blister can cause itching, irritation, allergies, burns and sometimes swelling of the affected area in mouth.

Sometimes smaller blood blister in the mouth may heal themselves in a couple of days. But larger Blood Blisters can cause irritation and do not heal by themselves. Such blood blisters require medical intervention to get fixed.

Here are some examples of Blood Blisters in the Mouth:

What are Some Causes of Blood Blisters in the Mouth?
  1. Oral Ulcers: Oral ulcers causes Blood Blisters and affected people have small oval-shaped white blisters with pus and blood trapped in them.
  2. Allergies: Usage of Allergens is linked with development of Blood Blisters.
  3. Vitamin Deficiency: Deficient intake of Vitamin C and B12 can lead to development of Blood Blisters in the mouth.
  4. Low Platelet Count: Platelets are very tiny blood cells that help our body form blood clots. When someone has a low Platelet count, blood is unable to clot properly and more blood flows into a person’s mucous membranes closer to the skin. Here, a person is more likely to have Blood Blister in their mouth.
  5. Oral Herpes: Oral Herpes is an infection on lips, gums or mouth due to a virus called herpes. Oral Herpes are caused by Blood Blisters on lips, gum and mouth.
  6. Skin Disease: Certain skin diseases are responsible for creation of Blood Blisters in mouth.
Problems that are Caused by Blood Blisters:

Blood Blisters causes some issues:

  1. Blood Blisters are painful
  2. Blood Blisters can cause lot of discomfort
  3. Blood Blisters causes problems with brushing
What to do if you or your Child is Having Blood Blisters in the Mouth?

If you or your child are having Blood Blisters in your mouth, please contact us. We have a technologically advanced laser machine to remove Blood Blisters in the mouth.