Custom Mouthguards in Singleton and Cardiff

Sporting accidents are one of the most common causes of dental injury, wearing a custom Mouthguard for all contact sport will assist in protecting your teeth, with custom mouthguards available in a large range of colours. 

Having a custom Mouthguard made will require 2 appointments – 1st for impressions and 2nd for fitting of your Custom Mouthguard, ensuring comfort and correct fitting for ultimate protection.  At our practice we believe that individually custom fitted mouthguards for all contact sports should be compulsory.

Don’t wait for your dental sports injury, act now!


Mouthguards are a very important part of all contact sport. With growing children, they will require to upgrade their mouthguard more often than an adult, however when our mouthguards are made there is some adjustments made to try and allow for the growing teeth.

We usually allow a week to make a custom-made mouthguard. If you need one urgently speak to our friendly staff to see what we can arrange for you.