Don’t Panic If You Need Emergency Dental Care in Charlestown, Get in Touch with Us at MS Dental

Tooth aches and gum disease pains can be unbearable and traumatizing, especially when they arise suddenly. But panicking is not the solution, finding a good dentist in Charlestown who will provide immediate relief is. Get in touch with us at MS Dental for any kind of emergency dental situations that needs urgent care.

Equipped with The Best
We at MS Dental are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and follow stringently the required sterilization protocol when using instruments and material. Any kind of emergency dental in Charlestown can be taken care of us immediately and without any risk of infection owing to our austere sterilization process and modern tools.

Easy access
Unlike other practices, we put our patients first. We can be reached on the phone and via email on all weekdays. In case of emergencies too, you can drop us an email and we can schedule an appointment at the earliest, thus ensuring minimum risk of pain and infection. Our dedicated staff is always available to schedule your appointment and accommodate you well in time.

Besides handling emergencies like toothaches, ulcers, tooth erosion and other oral diseases, we also specialize in cosmetic and general treatments like fillings, veneers, braces and teeth whitening in Charlestown, so call now to fix an appointment for pain free, healthy teeth.