Tongue Tie

What is Tongue Tie?
Tongue Tie is a tissue which holds the tongue with floor of the mouth. Every human is born with this tissue but some babies have this tissue so tightly held that they cannot move their tongue freely.

Tongue Tie is also called “Lingual Frenulum”

This creates problems in free tongue movement, breast feeding, speech development and a host of other related issues.

Here is an example of the Tongue Tie:

What is the Cause of Tongue Tie?
The Cause of Tongue Tie are not really proven yet. Some says it runs in genetics/DNA and some say it occurs in babies due to other mouth related issues.

What are the Symptoms of Tongue Tie?
Symptoms of Tongue Tie is not always visible. In the initial phases of Tongue Tie, the tightly held tissue may stretch as child grows and Tongue Tie may cure itself. In some cases, the child adapts to live with Tongue Tie and no visible effects of Tongue Tie are seen.

While some children show the following symptoms:

  • Trouble with Breast feeding – children cannot latch on to the breast and suck
  • Space between lower front teeth
  • Free speech is not developed
  • Tongue movement restrictions

How do you Diagnosis Tongue Tie?
Doctors can identify Tongue Tie after examination of your child’s mouth. In many cases, parents can identify Tongue Tie themselves when they observe symptoms listed above.

Lip Tie

What is Lip Tie?

Lip Tie is a condition like Tongue Tie where upper or lower lip is tightly held with upper teeth or lower gum which causes severe restrictions in movement causing breast feeding and other issues.

Lip Tie is also called “Ankyloglossia”.

Most kids are born with Upper Lip Tie but some kids have a severe and strong tie. Thus, creating breast feeding problems in babies.

Here is an example of Lip Tie:

What are the Symptoms of Lip Tie?
Symptoms include:

  • Breast feeding Troubles– children cannot latch on to the breast and suck
  • Painful nipples

What is the Treatment of Tongue Tie & Lip Tie?
Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Removal surgery is called “frenotomy”. We have an advanced Laser machine to perform frenotomy and remove your child’s Tongue Tie.

How long does a frenotomy take?
A Frenotomy can be performed in one quick appointment.

Does A Frenotomy cause any pain?
The treatment with the Dental Laser is Pain FREE.

In one short appointment, we can remove Tongue Tie and Lip Tie without any Pain.

At What Age, Can a Child Remove a Tongue or Lip Tie?
A child can be as young as 6 weeks and have this procedure performed.